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Fablice Manirakiza is a rapper (Dumbo Feather Report)

Rap music has an image problem. Growing increasingly distant from it’s hip hop roots, the genre has become more concerned with shameless bragging and blatant materialism than empowering the disenfranchised or providing political commentary. At the same time, it’s moved on from its humble beginnings as an underground scene to a mainstay of the mainstream. So much so, that it seems perfectly normal for legendary gangster rap artist Snoop Dog to feature on a track by pop singer Katy Perry. These days the stereotypical rap star is more likely to have a clothing line than an interesting point of view. All of which makes the emergence of a talent like Fablice Manirakiza, of Melbourne based rap group The FLYBZ (pronounced Fly-Beez), an invigorating breath of fresh air. - See more at:

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